My Xgirlfriend's Wedding Reception

See this movie... before you get married. Starring:  Deborah Gibson - Dom DeLuise - Kelly Bishop - Mo Gaffney - Vitamin C - Jon Fishman from Phish! - Martin Guigui - VT Congressman Bernie Sanders

The Spinal Tap of all wedding receptions... Rolling Stone, Funny Funny Funny, Funny! - Ron Carey, One of the most original comedies in years. - Vanguard PressThe Band James Montgomery - Legendary blues harmonica player.  Founder of "Funk Busters" with Dan Akyroyd Jon Fishman - Founder and drummer of the band Phish Barry Goodreau - founding member and guitarist of the band 'Boston" Aaron Hersey - bass player, member of cult phenom "Pork Tornado" Aaron Hersey - Bass player, member of cult phenom "The Dude of Life" John Carleton - drummer for blues legend Luther "Guitar" Johnson Chad Hollister - Lead singer of "Chad", performed with Blues Traveler and Spin Doctors Link to Blues Traveler Link to Spin Doctors

My Xgirlfriend's Wedding Reception DVD: $24.95

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Deborah Gibson Dom DeLuise Mo Gaffney Jon Fishman from Phish VT Congressman Bernie Sanders